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Pirke Avot Fourth Perek - פרקי אבות פרק רביעי

Note: The words were read using the siddur Patah Eliyahou.

Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes - לכבוד רבי מאיר בעל הנס

The following three songs are sung in honour of the famous Tanna Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes whose Hilula is today (14 Iyar). This song is the most popular song for the Hilula in my community in Toronto. It can be adapted to any quatrain song like Rau Banim. It is very easy to learn with the the line Rbi Meir Baal Hanes repeating itself as the chorus. This song is the most popular song for the Hilula worldwide. Maybe it's because the tune is so familiar. The tune for this song is often used for the words "Yoducha Rayonai" that we sing as part of the Zemirot of Shabbat. Maqam Sahli. This Moroccan song speaks about the wonders and beauty of the holy city Teverya (Tiberias). Although it's not specifically directed to Rabbi Meir, since there is a stanza that speaks to him, the custom is to also sing this during his Hilula. The maqam is Sika.

Haftara Emor - הפטרת אמור

French Moroccan Spanish Moroccan

Pirke Avot Third Perek פרקי אבות פרק שלישי

*Note, on the last Mishna some versions have the Tanna as Rabbi Elazar, not Rabbi Eliezer. (words read using the siddur Patah Eliyahou)

Haftara Kedoshim - הפטרת קדושים

French Moroccan Spanish Moroccan

Lamoledet Shuvi Roni - למולדת שובי רני

Another song in honour of Eretz Yisrael. A beautiful song that has taken the reins in Israel lately. Am Yisrael Hai!

Ashir Lach Eretz Hemda - אשיר לך ארץ חמדה

This song was composed by R' David Bouzaglo in honour of Eretz Yisrael. As we celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut this week, I felt it was appropriate this piyut for your liking. It's a difficult piyut to sing, but once you master it, you will love it! As Hazan, here and there, I sing the melody to the tune of Yigdal. It's hard to fit in, but it indeed works. Send me a message privately in the comment section if you want some advice on how to do it. Am Yisrael Hai!

Pirke Avot Second Perek - פרקי אבות פרק שני

See introduction of Pirke Avot found in the First Perek found HERE . The above recording is for the second Perek. (note: the words being read may be different than the ones appearing on the screen)

Haftara Metzora - הפטרת מצורע

French Moroccan Spanish Moroccan

Hai Goalenu - חי גואלנו

This is a simple song composed by Rabbi David Bouzaglo about David HaMelech. It's in maqam sika and I love to use it throughout the Tefila. Try it out for: Kadish Shavat Aniyim Rau banim

Pirke Avot First Perek - פרקי אבות פרק ראשון

One of the beautiful traditions of Moroccan Jewry is the reading of Pirke Avot during the weeks between Pesah and Shavuot. While many Jewish communities around the world do likewise, Moroccan Jews chant the mishnayot is a beautiful tune that appeals to people of all ages. I can say this truthfully, since it is normally the children who stand up by the Teva to recite the mishnayot. Let's just call it a prelude to the Bar Mitzvah. Here is the first Perek. (note: The words you see on the screen may differ from the words you hear from my voice. I was using the Siddur Patah Eliyahu when recording.)

Haftara 8th day of Pesah Od Hayom - הפטרה יום שמיני של פסח עוד היום

Sephardic communities around the world have the custom to sing the Haftara on the 8th day of Pesah in Hebrew and in the language of their mother tongue. I grew up learning it in Old Spanish or Castellano. Here it is for your pleasure.

Haftara 7th Day of Pesah - הפטרה שביעי של פסח