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Yigdal Kseda Yosef HaTzadik - יגדל קסידא יוסף הצדיק

 Every Parashat Vayeshev, the story of Yosef comes to light. A famous kseda was composed in his honour and is famously recorded by Jo Amar z"l. The words are in Arabic and I'm not fluent enough to recite it. But here's the tune to it in Yigdal and can also be adapted to El Adon or Kadish.

Kedusha Nakdishach Asaper Tehilot El - קדושה נקדישך אספר תהילות אל

  Maqam el Maya - The maqam of Parashat Vayeshev. Here is a kedusha I like to sing in the piyut of Asaper Tehilot El.

El Adon Raml Maya - אל אדון רמל מאיא

 This is such a nice tune and can only be exemplified more when in Bet Kenesset with better acoustics. Maqam - Raml Maya

El Adon Ashkenazi Melody - אל אדון נועם אשכנז

 This tune for El Adon comes from the famous Ashkenazi song "The little bird is calling" and has been adapted dozens of times to other songs. In fact, I'm not so sure that's the original song of the tune. But it is gorgeous and very well loved by the congregants and listeners. In case you are looking to match it with another song, the maqam is SAHLI.

Mizmor LeDavid Adonai Ro'i - מזמור לדוד ה' רועי

 This mizmor is said after the Beracha Me'en Sheva on Friday night. I am posting two recordings of this mizmor.  The first is the traditional Spanish Moroccan Tehilim melody. We usually sing this generally when there is no special occasion.  The second melody I reserve for either Rosh Hodesh or a special Shabbat.