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Yotzer Miyado with Shavat Aniyim - יוצר מידו עם שועת עניים

This piyut is a classic that can be sung to various parts of the Tefila, such as El Adon, Rau Banim and Shavat Aniyim. I recorded the entire song and then added Shavat Aniyim. The official maqam is bayat  but it is also associated with irak.

Haftara BeHaalotecha - הפטרת בהעלותך

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Haftara Naso - הפטרת נשא

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Nirdi Natan Reho נרדי נתן ריחו

Here are three tunes to the song Nirdi Natan Reho. Number 3 is similar to Yom Ze sung on Pesah. Number 2 I also sing to Lecha dodi which I like to do throughout the year. Number 1 I end off with the kedusha. Nirdi Natan Reho is lichvod Hatorah!

Lichvod Tora Hahadura - לכבוד תורה ההדורה

In honour of Shavuot, here is the song that speaks of the honour and glory of the Tora which we celebrate during this holiday. I like to sing this song for kadish on the first night of the holiday and I often use it for bar mitzvas.

Haftara Bemidbar - הפטרת במדבר

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Yerushalayim Ashrech - ירושלים אשרך

In honour of Yom Yerushalayim, where we celebrate the city that we will never forget, no matter where in the world we live in. This set of songs is from the koudam   of makam Isbihane. It speaks of the glory of Jerusalem. Many insert the words of Yerushalayim shel Zahav in place of Sura Adoni Sura  and it fits perfectly. Enjoy

Hish Hish Alufi - חיש חיש אלופי

A beautiful piyut stemming from Yerushalmi-origin (song called "lish lish")  that is sure to get everyone excited and moving. The makam is Rast from one of the Yerushalmi makamim. I continued to sing the stanza of Mezulzelet in a different tune. This melody can be applied to many different parts of Tefila, such as Kedusha, Hashkivenu, Va'ani Tefilati etc... Enjoy!

Pirke Avot Fifth Perek - פרקי אבות פרק חמישי

*Note: The words were read using the siddur Patah Eliyahou.

Haftara Behukotai - הפטרת בחקתי

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Bar Yohai - בר יוחאי

Lag Ba'omer marks the end of the mourning period for the students of Rabbi Akiva. In addition it is also the Hilula or Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai. Songs about Rbi Shimon were composed throughout the generations by many tzadikim. Here are 3 songs for your enjoyment. This is the traditional song of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, sung in a traditional Moroccan melody. This song was composed by Rabbi Yaakob Abuhatzeira in honour of Rbi Shimon. I adapted a Sahli tune to the words from the songs "Yadecha Tanheni" then switched the tune to "Mezulzelet" Last we have this song composed by the Ben Ish Hai in honour of Rbi Shimon. I put the tune of Sha'ar Petah Dodi to the words. May the merit of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai protect all of Klal Yisrael, Amen.