Sunday, 7 January 2018

Ya Ribi Tismah (hilula) - יא רבבי תשמאח (הילולא)

I heard this catchy tune when I visited Morocco over ten years ago at the kever of Rbi Amram BenDiwan. It is my go-to tune for any hilula. The tune and words were composed by Albert Suissa and many lyrics of our tzadikim have been adapted to this tune since everyone loves it so much.
I do my best to sing it in Arabic (words posted). If I made some mistakes in pronunciation, I apologize.
This song's maqam goes well with Zarka or Mzmoum. 
In the recording I sing the tune to Rau Banim and Lecha Dodi, however it can be used for any quatrain song.

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