Monday 25 December 2017

Lindodecha (Rasd Dil) with Rau Banim - לנדודך (רצד דיל) עם ראו בנים

Parashat Vayehi marks the end of the Book of Bereshit. The poets of Morocco used this opportunity to create some of the nicest tunes our Bakashot has to offer. The hymns associated with Vayehi are well known even to the beginner. Their sweet melodies are used time and time again throughout the year because they are easy to learn and fit well with the Tefila.

The song Lindodecha has become so popular, its tune has spread throughout the Middle East as many other types of Sepharadim incorporate this into the Tefila.
In this recording I sing the piyut and adapt it to Rau Banim. It fits well with:

  • Lecha Dodi
  • El Adon
  • Adon Olam
  • Yidgal
  • La'el Baruch
  • Shavat Aniyim....or any other quatrain song.
The maqam of this song as well as with most piyutim from Bakashot Parashat Vayehi is Rasd Dil.

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