Thursday 21 December 2017

LeDavid Baruch for Motzae Shabbat French and Spanish tune - לדוד ברוך מוצאי שבת

French tune

Spanish tune

It's that bittersweet moment when Shabbat departs us but we know that Hashem has given us the strength and blessing to succeed for yet another week. The Motzae Shabbat service among Moroccans is one of the nicest and it begins with Michtam (to be recorded at a later time) and LeDavid at the onset of Arvit.
The French and Spanish Moroccans have slightly different notes for the tunes but they are very similar. For the purpose of study, I have recorded both versions.
Each recording consists of LeDavid (Tehilim 144), Lamnatzeah (67) and LeDavid Mizmor (24). Following these three chapters of Tehilim, the customs vary as to which concluding verses to recite prior to Kadish.
Spanish Moroccans recite: בשלום יחדו, ותשועת צדיקים, ה' צבאות עמנו
French Moroccans recite: ה' צבאות עמנו, הושיעה את עמך, ותשועת צדיקים

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