Nishmat Kol Hai - נשמת כל חי

Moroccan Tefilot have so many beautiful segments to it. One of them has to be the recital of Nishmat Kol Hai. In French Moroccan cities, the opening two paragraphs are sung at a slower paced, to a heart-warming melody. Then it traditionally continues at "Ve'ilu Finu." In the northern Spanish cities, this slower introduction was only recited on the holidays.
It's for this reason that I recorded both versions. Nonetheless, in both recordings from the words "Ve'ilu Finu," the tune remains the same.

In the recordings, I chose not to recite the stanza of Shavat Aniyim because in most synagogues this paragraph is sung by the Hazan or various paytanim. Instead, I just continue from BeMikhalot.
The text of Nishmat on display in the video may differ from your Moroccan sidurim. I assure you that the way I pronounce the words is the way written according to the Moroccan tradition.

French Tune

Spanish Tune


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