Amar Adonai LeYaakob w/Yigdal (Raml Maya) - אמר ה' ליעקב עם יגדל - רמל מאיא

This song, which became a staple in Moroccan homes, especially on Motsae Shabbat, is one of the beautiful melodies sung during the Bakashot of Parashat Vayera. The song is long as it's an acrostic for the entire Hebrew Aleph Bet. In this recording, I sing the first 5 stanzas and then transfer to Yigdal.
It goes really well with any quatrain song, in addition to:
  • Rau Banim
  • Shavat Aniyim
  • La'el Baruch

The maqam is Raml Maya.


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