Thursday 28 June 2018

Havdala - הבדלה



Above you will find two recordings. The first is Havdala which consists of the piyutim, Eliyahu HaNavi, Avarech et Shem followed by the blessings of Havdala. I only recite the first stanza of each piyut. After Avarech et Shem many have the custom to bless the members of their family.

The second recording is the song Hamavdil ben Kodesh Lehol. However, I recorded it in maqam Sahli and not in the traditional tune which may come at a later date. One can also sing the song Amar Adonai LeYaakob which can be found here.

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Nakdishach Kedusha- קדושה נקדישך

 Arguably the nicest tune for Kedusha out there. Made famous by R' Haim Louk. Enjoy!