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Az Yashir Moshe, Birkat HaLevana and more...

 Hi everyone, I recently recorded a new Az Yashir Moshe in maqam "mzmoum" - often sang on Shabbat Teruma but I like singing it throughout the year. Also, I recorded Birkat HaLevana sung in Moroccan Tehilim Melody. Lastly, given that it's Rosh Hodesh this week, I finally recorded the traditional "Barechi Nafshi" that is said prior to Arvit and at the end of Shaharit. See below.
Recent posts

Traditional Kadish - Friday Night and Shabbat morning

 Hi everyone, I received a request to record the traditional Kadish for both Friday Night and Shabbat Morning. It was often the custom in Spanish Morocco to recite the Kadish in these tunes most weeks. They are here below. Also, Tehilim continues to be updated on its respective page.  Friday Night Kadish Shabbat Morning Kadish

Mizmor LeDavid and more

 Shalom all, Just posted a new Mizmor LeDavid and other piyutim for Shabbat Shira that I sang this past Shabbat. See below for the videos. Also, Tehilim is being updated so check them out. Taking some requests if anyone has.  Behatzlaha!

Tehilim and Aufa Eshkona

 Hi everyone, Just updated the site with four new chapters of Tehilim and the piyut in honour of the tzadik R' Yitzhak Abuhatzeira called "Aufa Eshkona" - the piyut is in maqam sika. Below is that video

Nakdishach Kedusha- קדושה נקדישך

 Arguably the nicest tune for Kedusha out there. Made famous by R' Haim Louk. Enjoy!

Tishbi Tzuri Levavi - תשבי צורי לבבי

 Here is an easy piyut that can be adapted to many parts of Tefila. In the recording I sing it also to El Adon. Maqam Hijaz