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Haftara Ekev - הפטרת עקב

French Moroccan Spanish Moroccan

Megilat Echa - מגילת איכה

The climax of the solemn day of Tisha Be'Av is Megilat Echa. I've recorded it here for learning. The beginning of the recording I am reading at a much slower pace in order for the listener to learn the te'amim. I speed up as the Megila continues. May Hashem rebuild the 3rd Bet HaMikdash speedily in our days.

Haftara Matot הפטרת מטות

Whenever Shabbat Pinehas falls after the fast of the 17th of Tamuz then we read the Haftara of Matot instead to mark the first special haftara of the three weeks. There is a special tune for this haftara sung by both Spanish and French Moroccans