Bakashot Zachor - בקשות זכור

And so ends the Bakashot season... Shabbat Zachor marks the end of the unofficial winter months and so too the Bakashot. Nevertheless, the bakashot of this week are arguably the most well known and most attended to. Most of the bakashot speak about the story of Purim and its melody flows throughout all the piyutim. As you listen to them, you will probably notice that many of the tunes are familiar to you. For example, in Part One, the piyut "Ashir Bizmirot" is the same tune that many French Moroccan Jews sing for "Elohim Hai" for a bar mitzvah boy. Like this, there is many.
I have recorded a shortened version of the Bakashot consisting of only the main songs (popular ones) in hopes that people will listen to them and learn them. 
I have divided them into two separate videos.
The maqam is Rasd




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