Learning the Ta'amim for both the Parasha and the Haftara is the first step in being able to learn any of the aforementioned. It's often the first thing taught to a bar mitzvah boy as he begins studying for his big day.
This is no different.
I've been requested to record the Ta'amim for some time so here they are. The first video is the Ta'amim for reading the Torah. Then comes the Ta'amim for the Haftarot; first the French tune then the Spanish tune.
I promise you that if you can recognize the symbols and how they sound like, you'll be reading Parashiyot and Haftarot in no time.
"Let me hear your voice" - "השמיעני את קולך"

Ta'amim - Torah

Ta'amim Haftara (French tune)

Ta'amim Haftara (Spanish tune)


  1. ?דויד קדוש, זה הטעמים נוסח ספרדי-מרוקו לקריאה התורה


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