A true Hazan who has mastered the art of Maqamim can then take the next challenge to learn the Petihot.
These petihot are used to begin any song or tefila tune in it's respective maqam. Really the "petiha" (opening) can be used with any words, but for each maqam I will choose different words taken from various songs of the Bakashot.
In addition to singing the petiha in those unique words, I will also sing it to the words of:

  • VeHaOfanim (Saturday morning La'El Baruch)
  • Edotecha (Friday night Kadish)
  • HaBocher (Saturday morning Kadish)
These are parts of the Tefila where the Hazan often chooses to do a Petiha to lead into the Kadish or La'el Baruch.


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